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Orka ventures

Orka Ventures is a holding company focusing on Fintech.
Our companies offer several financial products, such as prepaid debit cards or consumer loans built on innovation technologies.

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Fintech companies across the world have been growing fast in the past 10 years, as a result of the adoption of mobile technologies, innovating business models and creating new ones.

Large banking institutions are no longer the bearers of change: instead, ambitious and agile project fuelled by visionary founders have captured the attention and love of consumers. Aided by investment partners like Orka Ventures, they constantly push the boundaries of the digital and financial world.

Orka was founded in 2017 with a mission to become a tech-driven leader, disrupting financial services.


We build our companies on innovative technologies, to enable easy, fast and accurate credit scoring process at a low cost and with minimal risk.

Our proprietary software evaluates loan applications in a fast yet precise way, resulting in a risk-aware business and fast liquidity available to our clients within minutes of submitting an application.

millions in loans


Our values of performance, innovation, and teamwork guide us in our personal and professional behaviour.

We adopt modern technical standards, closely adhere to European best practice and run lean companies to achieve success.


Our vision is to become a market leading capital company, by identifying and investing in the best available fintech projects.

And by helping customers to better manage their personal finances across the EU.
We aim to maximise our shareholders’ value and clients’ wealth, and to spread awareness of the fintech industry.

loans granted

We do


on capital investment and development of fintech companies (lending, collection and e-money solutions).


our own capital into long-term projects.

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investors that share our vision to scale projects together.

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Orka-Branded Mastercards offer access to premium products, like loans, insurance and travel experiences, to users that are dissatisfied with regular banking.

Orka offers fintech solutions in main European currencies as EUR and GBP as well as in ISK, SEK or DKK.

winter 2020

to be launched in

NúNú is a non-banking lender, authorized by the Icelandic Consumer Protection Authority (Neytendastofa) to provide instant online loans in Iceland.

NúNú is an established and recognized brand on a mission to solve the short term financing needs of Icelanders.

91.950 LOANS

IN 2020

Brea offers short term lending solutions for consumers in Denmark. All applications are assessed online with instant disbursement after approval. Currently available in Denmark.

Since we launched in May 2020, Brea has had great success and attracted the interest of Danish customers.

May 2020

started in



We have built a qualified team of professionals. Meet the people who carefully manage our international business.


Ondrej Smakal

Ondrej Smakal

Group Chief Executive Officer

Ondrej has 20 years experience in finance, marketing and executive management. Under his leadership, Orka Ventures has move into new markets and products lines.

Leifur Alexander Haraldsson

Leifur Alexander Haraldsson


Leifur is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and technologist. He is the founder of many successful companies in finance and e-commerce, taking them from the startup phase to established companies.


Jiri Sykora

Jiri Sykora

Director of Finance

20 years of experience has prooved Jiri’s strong skillset in Finance area. Besides his european management experience he maintained a very successful managmenet journey on African market.

Simone Bertolone

Simone Bertolone

Director of Payment Solutions

Simone holds an MBA from Chapman University and is a fellow at Singularity University’s Global Grand Challenges Incubator. He focuses on early-stage development strategies and has experience managing several FinTech projects.



You can find us in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Iceland and the Czech Republic.


Great Britain

Our group company seat is in London, United Kingdom.

Office address

25 Canada Square
Canary Wharf London, E14 5LB
United Kingdom

Czech Republic

Our main international headquarters is located in Prague, Czech Republic. We are international at our core, with employees from over 8 nationalities.

Office address

Klimentská 1216/46
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic


In Denmark we provide short term lending under brand BREA and it is home to our project Orka prepaid Mastercard.

Office address

Havengade 39
1058 Copenhagen


Iceland is home to short term lending project NúNú.

Office address

Kalkofnsvegi 2
101 Reykjavík


Would you like to be a part of a dynamic fintech company, leading the Nordics market? Are you a fan of modern IT solutions? If yes, send us your CV and join us.

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